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<strong><span style='font-size: 20px;'>Testimonials (on the Courses and Text)</span></strong>Testimonials (on the Courses and Text)

I want to personally thank all those who have made it through the Beginner Course. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope this first step will bring you that much closer to the amazing benefits of Homeopathy...

"The course book was too the point with no fluff. I didn't feel like it was overwhelming or complicated. The real work begins at chapter 6!!! Really thorough and worth it." Martha R

"I thought I knew some stuff about homeopathy, but now I can definitely say it. You have to spend some time studying this, but it really isn't that hard. YMMV" Dave G

"Ok- I made it thru and there some tough parts. You did give a lot of help with repertoryzing and that is the whole enchilada. :P Can't say enuf about the 1 on 1 help. I need it. Thx." Nikki P

"I'm ready for part 2... bring it on! No really, enjoyed it and looking for my remedy kit in the mail." J. K.

"You can't use that Boninhausen website very well... just gotta buy the book. Other than that, I learned alot!" Ginger S

"Where to start? The course book is good, the study guide is really good, but the extra stuff like the spreadsheet, Acute Qick list and Check list top it off. Not to mention the list of abbreviations, stores, book list. You have it all and can't think of anything to add. Maybe when I am more experienced I will come back, give you some tips and definitely thank you again." D. W.

"I'm working with a local homeopath and she is amazed as to how much I know about it. I told her about your course and to look you up, hope you don't mind." Janet B.

" ...and I just purchased your course book. It answered several questions that I couldn't find anywhere else and I am not even half way into it. I will be studying this for a few days! Great read!" William Mc.

"Found your book from the Influenza article and I want to be prepared. It is easy to understand and I needed to say thanks for making this information available. Cheers!" Beatrice A.

"It is only a few days in the course and I can't stop reading the book. It is fascinating. How did we ever forget about this homeopathy..." Robert G.

"I thought I understood homeopathy. Your book has opened my eyes. Thank you for putting out this information and being considerate to my questions. Homeopathy isn't just the remedies that are sold in the health food stores and I know that now. It takes some effort, but I am seeing what you mean. I am going for the course the next time it is open." Gayle R.

"It is unbelievable that this information is not better known. Thanks for putting up with my questions, I know there has been quite a few. The course is great so far." Thom M. K.

"I have been using homeopathy for years, but never realized what I was misssing until I read the book. It takes some practice and your help has been greatly appreciated." Kay L

"Thanks doesn't even cover it! The course was great and your guidance helped me take my first case. I fumbled a bit but everything turned out well in the end. I can't say THANK YOU enough..." Jamie T

"I finished the text and study guide on my own and can say that they were well written and easy to follow. Sorry no offense, but I don't think I needed the course, my opinioin. Thanks for the informative e-books." Dwayne P.

"After completing the course, all I can say is WOW... I cannot wait to get sick! LOL!!!" Anne B.

"Like a few others, I thought I knew what homoepathy was about... in a word, NOT! I had to relearn what a few other books got wrong. Thanks for putting this together." JC

"Just getting to apply this to a touch of flu and it works like you said. There is a silver lining to getting sick these days." May Z

"OUTSTANDING COURSE!!!!!!! I have attempted Homeoepathy on my own for years and never thought it actually worked- until now. I can't thank you enough for this course and material. I have some follow up questions- Johnny V.

"... and I have taken another internet course, which was worthless. The added information you have provided gives an advantage to the beginners. Thx for the course,..." Ravi L

"I wanted to thank you for teaching this course. This was a great beginners course and I learned immensely from it..." Christina C

"The books were a good saving to the course and I followed them pretty easily. Good work!" Ninalee P

"The free evaluation copy of RepSheet is amazing. Why didn't anyone think of this before? I am buying the full version soon... Thanks for the information." Daniel S

"This was a great beginners course and I learned immensely from it. I just enrolled in homeopathy classes here in Los Angeles and it's making it much easier... Again, thank you for teaching this course!" Christina C

"Hi, I took your course a few months ago and need to tell you that it has changed my perspective on medicine. I have recently cured my fist (first) case of flu and want to tell you that I owe it to you and your course. Homeopathy could not be more misunderstood and you have revealed that and more. Thanx to you." Uri Z

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