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<span style='font-size: 24px;'>Who is Like Cure?</span>

Who is Like Cure?

Like Cure is primarily me, Rex. I have studied homeopathy off and on for twenty years. I come from a background in herbal remedies and relied heavily on them for many years. I also found that they worked well, but with their use disease was just kept at bay and would soon return if I stopped the herbal therapy.

In the early days of my exposure to homeopathy, I was much like most of the people on the planet. I picked up homeopathic remedies from the health food store which stated "Cough" or "Sore Throat" or whatever on its label. Inside these commonly blue plastic tubes were little round pills. The label said to take five pills under the tongue... so I did. Sometimes they worked to make me feel better, but mostly they didn't. So I chalked it up to quackery.

Funny though, I kept gravitating back to those little sugar pills and wondering why they still ranked shelf space in pretty much every herbal shop. No one seemed to know how or why they worked, but people bought them.

Well, necessity is the mother of invention or something like that and a serious illness forced my hand. I spent many thousands of dollars on medical tests and the end result was that I wasn't sick! Well no one told my body!

About the same time I was realizing that people around me were more ill and in such increased numbers that I was quickly disillussioned by our medical system. No one seemed to get better... just patients treading water with a handful of pharmaceutical pills to keep them boyant.

With the encouragement of a close friend and doctor, I looked backwards in medical history. Maybe we had chosen a different road at some point in the past and lost our way. I wasn't very hopeful of finding such a fork in the medical road, but I thought it was worth the time to investigate.

I started in the early 1960's and worked backwards. The time of polio vaccinations and the like. We had really changed our ways and increased chemical medications came from those times. But nothing was there. Medical tomes that went back to the 1920s were pretty much the same as today.

Now I was really sunk and dijected. I couldn't go back farther to the times of leeches and bleeding of the 1700s and 1800s. That was cave man days!

Then it happened. I found a book on homeopathy. Not just any book, but a really old book from 1847 on Samuel Hahnemann and his wonderful system of medicine. It was falling apart and written in an archaic form of English I could barely interpret. But I was on my last bit of hope in finding some answers and it couldn't hurt to brush up on my 19th century vocabulary. The first point to pique my interest was a literally burning letter from Hahnemann himself tearing up the current medical doctors for using leeches, bleedings and the like. Wow... I figured that he must be a bit ahead of his time and then found out that he WAS a medical doctor turning against his own. When was the last time you saw that? For me, never.

Long story short, I found the original writings of Samuel Hahnemann (translated) and went to town. Study became an almost feverish task to absorb as much about homeopathy as I could take. It sounded so simple, yet rigid and structured. So it must be easier with current books and there must be some contemporary homeopaths to illuminate the road... no?

In a word, no. There are very few current authors of homeopathic material that really get it. They have read some other contemporary author and perpetuated many misunderstandings as to how to apply homeopathy and really make it work. Sure, they get some of it right, but that is not enough. You must understand homeopathy to its core to be really proficient with it. And that entails tearing up the books from Hahnemann and his closest students in the 1800s. There are some other authors later, but by and large any really good books disappear after 1920. What a coincidence that our current medical system kicks in about 1920... hmmmm.

Homeopathy was put to bed by our American Medical Association in the 1920s... Homeopathic doctors and hospitals were closed or just blew away like dust. There were hundreds of hospitals and thousands of doctors... gone and gone. Knowledge was passed through the years and there has been a resurgence from the 1970s on but no where near the golden age of the 1800s. Why? I will answer that question elsewhere.

Um... that is about it. I have spent thousands of hours in study and application. It would have definitely taken much less time if I would have had a translator for most of these old books and all the information was in one place... but no, it is scattered all over the place and the texts use words like "coryza" when refering to the common cold.

In homeopathy, there is some need for experience (as with anything) and everyday I discover a better way to apply its subtle therapy. But to this moment, I go hardly a day without being amazed at the wonders of homeopathy and how well it works. Not to mention how these wonders have been buried by history.

And I am not easily amazed!

So here I am, making as much information and I am able available to the general public. I have tried to provide the most accurate information as I am capable.

Please take the time to study this medical art. I promise that it will not waste a moment of your time.

Thanks for checking us out, rex


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