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Courses > Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level) Study Guide BUNDLE

Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level) Study Guide Bundle ONLY  
Price: $99.00

Including Microsoft Excel XLS Spreadsheet

Including Acute Check List

Including Acute Check List Usage Document

The item is the Homeopathy Beginner Course
Study Guide and Extras ONLY (pdf format).

Available NOW!
The Study Guide Bundle can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Ordering this bundle assumes you have already ordered the Homeopathy Beginner Course Text available HERE. (It is meant to accompany this Course Text document.)


The study guide includes real world examples and cases that the student is encouraged to work through. It fully explains hints and techniques that are not covered in the course text to further expand on the proper homeopathic techniques. It includes advanced concepts of acute cases, a summary of acute case taking, summary of important points to acute homeopathy, table of contents and index.


The extra information to this bundle includes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS format) that makes repertorizing your cases much easier. It keeps the Symptoms and Remedies of the case in one convenient place. This fully automated spreadsheet sorts the remedies alphabetically and by Sum/Number of symptoms covered.

Now including the NEW Analytical Tool... RepSheet

Also, the Acute Check List is included. This document includes most of the common Acute categories of illness. Each section has the location and possible sensation of symptoms. It is meant as a guide for beginner practitioners to follow in fully realizing the current Acute case. A "must have" for any Acute case-taking. The Acute Check List also includes full instructions.

The Homeopathy COURSE STUDY GUIDE Table of Contents...

Table of Contents

Recommended Supplies to complete this study guide

Section One Questions (From the Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level))

Section Two Questions (From the Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level))

Section Three Questions (From the Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level))

Section Four Questions (From the Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level))

Section Five Questions (From the Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level))

Use of LSMC

How to use the B-B Repertory

Answers to Section One

Answers to Section Two

Answers to Section Three

Answers to Section Four

Answers to Section Five
Case 1 (Tonsillitis)
Case 2 (Sinus, Cold)
Case 3 (Stomach Ailment)
Case 4 (Influenza- FLU)

Summary of Important Points

Final Thoughts


***We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the purchase of Boger-Boenninghausen Repertory to accompany this bundle.
It can be found HERE .

Courses > Homeopathy Course (Beginner Level) Study Guide BUNDLE

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