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<strong><span style='font-size: 20px;'>Frequently Asked Questions</span></strong>

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Level Course Questions

Q: How does the course work?

A: The Course(s) is given in a Yahoo Group. You will be accepted into the group and will have weekly posted material to read and work through. There is also a FILES section that contains additional information and cases to work out during the course (along with homework assignments and answers). The Yahoo Group will email you this information or you can login to the group to obtain it. You are highly encouraged to ask questions during the course and you can basically work at your own pace. There are no audio or video sessions to join... it is simply an email based course that covers all the basics of Homeopathy as taught by the founder of homeopathy himself. The information provided is exactly the way it was originally presented by the original masters of homeopathy.

Q: Will I need to purchase any other material or supplies for the course?

A: It is HIGHLY recommended the you purchase the Boger-Boenninghausen Repertory to complete the beginner course. It can be found HERE .

Also, you will eventually need homeopathic remedies to prescribe for acute illness. These can be found at numerous locations on the internet (one example in the USA is Washington Homeopathy and if you are in Europe, Helios Homeopathy).

Q: Will I be able to apply homeopathy after the beginner level course?

A: Absolutely! We have created a course that covers most aspects of homeopathy in the smallest amount of time. After this course, the average student should be able to apply homeopathy for any acute ailment and also to understand the basics of application in chronic illness. Of course, you will need a selection of remedies to be able to prescribe for acute illness.

Q: How long is the beginner level course?

A: We have structured the Beginner Level Course to take six weeks. The last section is intensive and is given two weeks to complete (six weeks with an extra week for questions).

Q: Is the beginner level course difficult?

A: NO! In the Begginner Level Course we have made every effort to bring the average student along step by step. In fact, the student need not be conversant in medical terminology to understand this course. Homeopathy is a complex subject, but we have made every attempt to explain all the aspects in simple to understand language. We started as laymen ourselves and made a special effort to open this fascinating subject to anyone. The course even has a dictionary to explain every term used and an index to reference information quickly.

Having said that, the Study Guide cases can take some time to complete. But, the student will understand a great deal about homeopathy if they spend the time to cover these example cases. The key to gaining the most from this course is to apply yourself.

You must attempt to work through the cases to fully understand how to apply homeopathy. You can't learn to swim by reading a book... you can't learn homeopathy without applying it. If you get lost in the cases or text... ASK QUESTIONS!

One last point... If you purchase the Boger-Boenninghausen Repertory (which is strongly recommended), PLEASE spend some hours studying how it is setup and its contents. It is an invaluable tool that when you need it, it should not be the first time you have looked at it. The act of applying this repertory is integral to applying homeopathy and the better you know this book, the better you will be at homeopathy.

Q: Do I have to follow the Study Guide with the course?

A: YES!!! The Beginner Level Study Guide is an integral part of the course. There is information related in this part that is not covered in the course reading. Plus, by working through the Study Guide, the student will get practical information upon which to build the knowledge to apply homeopathy themselves. It is VERY important to work through the Study Guide!

Q: Can I ask questions as I work through the course?

A: Of Course... wouldn't be much of a course if you couldn't. The more questions the better!!! The only rule is that the questions must pertain to information in the course and not to your own or someone else's health issues. The students must also refrain from asking about chronic issues that are too advanced for the beginner level. This must be strictly followed.

Q: I asked to be notified when the course was to be available... but you never sent me a notification. What is up?

A: Please check your spam folder. Sometimes these emails are thought to be spam... imagine that!

Q: Can I purchase just the Course Text and/or Study Guide without taking the course?

A: Absolutely! We have created options on the website to purchase the Course Text or Study Guide by themselves. There is also an option to purchase them together for a discount. They come as Adobe Acrobat PDF files that can be printed.

Q: If I purchase the Course Text AND Study Guide, will I be able to teach myself Homeopathy?

A: Yes, the Course Text with Study Guide were originally intended for self-study. There are always questions as to how something might work, but we have taken great lengths to explain every possible situation in the Study Guide as it pertains to the Course Text. You will pick up the basics quite easily and from time to time reference this material and get more and more from it. There really are many layers of knowledge to this course information.

Q: How do I purchase the course?

A: Simply add the course to your cart (ADD TO CART Button) and you will be able to checkout and pay through PAYPAL. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information at their checkout website. We only accept PAYPAL.

General Homeopathy Questions

Q: How do you pronounce Homeopathy or Homepathic?

A: Homeopathy- home-ee-op-a-thee and Homeopathic- home-ee-o (long o)-pathic

Q: Does Homeopathy remedies have side effects?

A: No, the remedies used have no side effects like normal pharmaceutical or prescription drugs. They do on occasion intensify the ailment that they are given for. This is called aggravation and it is usually quick and always temporary. For this reason, the remedies are given when the patient has a day or two to rest, such as on a weekend. The aggravation is normally only seen at the beginning of treatment and doesn't occur again.

Q: Can you describe what it is like to go to a homeopath?
A: Yes, absolutely. A homeopath usually gives a questionnaire to the patient before they are seen. This questionnaire is quite lengthy and asks all sorts of questions to get acquainted with the ailment and symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The homeopath needs to learn the most about how the ailment came about and how it progressed. Then the patient meets face to face with the homeopath for a more in depth questioning. Most patients are quite surprised that the homeopath listens to their every worry and symptom for as long as it may take. This questioning normally takes anywhere from one to two hours. The patient may be given a remedy at that time or within the next few days.

Q: What is a remedy like?
A: Each remedy is usually given in some water. So it tastes like water because it is just the energy from the remedy dispersed in water. Usually there is no initial effect, but within a few hours to a day the patient will start feeling better. When the remedy is truly the proper fit to the patient, they may even feel better than they have in years and years. Often the mind will clear and thoughts will be quick and active. The patient will at times require more sleep as the remedy will be actively promoting healing and this requires the sleep cycle. There are no other effects like a patient feels on standard allopathic drugs and there is no interaction to other prescriptions the patient may be taking. The remedy is completely safe when applied properly and goes away on its own. Then the patient will take another dose which may last for several days or even weeks more.

Q: Why doesn't the AMA and medical doctors recognize and use homeopathy?
A: That is a difficult question to answer. Allopathic medicine has progressed in a totally opposite direction to homeopathy and to recognize it would be to admit some faults in the logic of allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine treats with opposites while homeopathy treats with similars. This fundamental difference would create a tremendous problem for regular medicine in the United States. Patients would most likely question allopathic medicine and this would lead to losses in revenue for doctors. Europe, Asia and parts of South America use homeopathy and blend it with allopathic medicine quite well. They also don't have the law suit abuse that plagues this country. Homeopaths and their followers will eventually prevail as their approach is better understood. Until then, it will take one patient at a time to overcome the problems of allopathic medicine today.

Q: Does homeopathy actually heal the patient?
A: Yes, I have personally witnessed numerous cases where homeopathy healed an ailment that allopathic medicine and numerous drugs could not. In fact, I have witnessed cases that healed so quickly it was astounding. Of course this is not always the case, but when it happens, it is remarkable. Homeopathy cannot heal a severe wound or effect emergency surgery such as that required in a serious accident. Hahnemann from the beginning said that emergency care from allopathic medicine should be used when necessary. Hahnemann praised the correct use of allopathic medicine but felt that it was the exception and not the rule.
The biggest problem faced by homeopaths today is the intensified illness created by allopathic medicine and the drugs they use. When a patient has been exposed to numerous surgeries and drugs over many years, it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to heal their illness.

Q: Can you get addicted to a homeopathic remedy?
A: No, there is no known case of someone becoming addicted to a homeopathic remedy. Although, it may be possible to believe you need to take a remedy and become psychologically addicted... but that could happen with anything, like my addiction to peanut butter.

Q: Can homeopathy help me lose weight?
A: Yes, homeopathy does help to lose weight. Often weight gain is a function or rather malfunction of the individual to maintain a reasonable body weight. Of course lifestyle, exercise and nutrition play an important role, but the body must be healthy first and foremost. Homeopathy used properly will regain this health and weight loss will be a secondary result.

Q: Can homeopathy help with Lupus, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or ___________________ (fill in the blank)?
A: Homeopathy can help with any known illness and the rest that are not yet known. As said before, it is partially dependent upon catching illness as soon as possible and treating illness that has not been complicated by allopathic suppressive medicines and procedures. The past case history of hundreds and thousands of homeopathic practitioners proves cures of many ailments that are now thought to be incurable. There are even current books that have cases of autism treated successfully by homeopathy and doctors that have treated "genetic" illnesses that were thought to be untreatable. One can only try a homeopathic treatment and if unsuccessful there is nothing lost. In fact, there is really no downside except the time spent on a homeopathic treatment. Just make sure to seek out a good practitioner that follows the rules given elsewhere on this website (or in the courses).

Q: What about the combination homeopathic remedies advertised? Do they work?
A: Combination homeopathic remedies may work, but this is mostly luck. I call this a "shotgun" approach. Shoot a bunch of remedies at the target and hope one "sticks". This is mostly seen in allopathic medicine where the doctors prescribe multiple drugs and procedures to a patient and hope something works. If it works, they don't know what worked and the patient may be suffering ill effects from drugs that are not needed. Hahnemann specifically stated that it was unscientific to approach illness this way and called for an end to this practice. He stated that a doctor prescribing this way would never really know which drug worked and which did not. Also, homeopathic medicines that are combined may and often do cancel the effects of each other.

Therefore, homeopathy has the rule that only one remedy is given to a patient at any one time. If it proves ineffective, the case is reviewed and a different remedy is given when appropriate.

Q: Can homeopathy be used for children? For animals (pets)?
A: Absolutely. Homeopathy is especially effective on children. Most children have a strong Vital Force which makes for faster healing and overcoming illness. Contrary to the way allopathic medicine works, children can often take higher potencies of homeopathic remedies. Pets and other animals present a bigger challenge as symptoms are hard to discern with a patient that cannot relate through speech. But, homeopathy can heal animals with amazing speed and there are no side effects as with common drugs used by veterinarians. Also, homeopathy has answers for the ever increasing problems seen by vaccines. This is a big problem for children and pets alike. Please see "The Nature of Animal Healing" by Martin Goldstein for a more comprehensive view of current medical practice in veterinary medicine. His use of homeopathic medicine is not completely correct, but his view of disease and healing is spot on and can be applied to humans.

Q: How long does it take to cure someone?
A: First we must differentiate the illness. If it is an acute ailment and something like a cold, flu, tooth ache, etc, then it should take approximately a day or less to cure. This is dependent on the age and energy of the individual and the severity of the acute ailment. Many times acute ailments are cured within minutes or a few hours depending upon the ailment. The exception would be an acute ailment that really is a symptom of a more serious underlying illness.
On the other hand, chronic illness that has taken years to invade the individual and has many layers of symptoms may take a minimum of weeks or months to cure. This is dependent upon the energy of the person, how much the illness has been treated and suppressed by allopathic medicine, etc. A good rule of thumb which is very arbitrary is one month of healing for every year of illness. This is probably optimistic but may hold true when the individual is treated properly and follows the guidelines of homeopathy.

Q: Where can I find more information?
A: There are many books on homeopathy. The best are from the creator Hahnemann and his disciples written in the 1800s and available for pdf (Adobe Acrobat) download at or by internet store at Current books are hit or miss. Some books are fine while others are misleading or completely incorrect. We are offering a course at some point in the future that will list some excellent books for further study. In the mean time, please refer to the bible of homeopathy in "Further Reading" below. It is a good book with direct instructions, but it is very dry reading.

Further reading…

Organon of the Medical Art (6th Edition)
By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Edited and Annotated by Wenda Brewster O'Reilley PhD.
Description: The bible of homeopathy. This work should be read several times to absorb the depth of its teaching. It is written in bites called aphorisms and this particular version has some nice brief notes in the margins to act as a quick reference.

Also, check out the Beginner Course here... (Click Me!)

Downloading Course Text Files

Q: How do I download the Course Text or Study Guide when purchasing them separately?

A: After purchasing the Course Text or Study Guide files, you will be given the chance to click on the download. An option will appear and you should choose to SAVE the document(s) to your computer. Alternately, you will receive an email that will give you links to download the files to your computer.
These links are active for 24 hours ONLY.

Q: What if I miss the option to download the Course Text or Study Guide?

A: Simply EMAIL US with your order number and we will email you the documents purchased directly. You can also use the CONTACT US button on the main page to tell us your problem.

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