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If you don't know about homeopathy, you need to learn about it. It could easily save your life and make your years more robust and disease free.

If you don't understand it, we can explain it.

If you are open-minded, read on.

The word "homeopathy" sounds odd... kind of like the word "allopathy". Homeopathy is a complete medical system that can actually CURE illness as opposed to masking its symptoms... as with the current medical treatment (allopathy). It has been around over 200 years and the remedies that provide the curing action have not changed a bit since then. In fact, the number of remedies has been expanded. There are now over 3000 remedies available in Homeopathy.

"Allopathy" is the name for the current form of western medical treatment. A doctor that is a Medical Doctor (MD) is an "allopathic" doctor. A doctor that applies homeopathic treatement is a DHom (Doctor of Homeopathy). Allopathy treats by suppressing symptoms while homeopathy treats by eliminating symptoms through curing disease.

Many homeopathic remedies are made from common elements found in nature like salt, flowers and base metals (gold, silver, iron, etc). The difference in a homeopathic remedy to their crude form is in the way they are made. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances that are diluted and energized to create a highly effective medicinal substance capable of curing illness; illness that many current medical opinions deem incurable.

Homeopathy was first created by Samuel Hahnemann (see picture right). Hahnemann was one of the most innovative and intelligent thinkers that medicine has ever seen. But, don't take my word for it... study what he did and said, study what he created. Hahnemann single-handedly built upon an idea that had been around for thousands of years. He was a medical doctor and chemist. He followed his current teaching of treating illness with opposing forces of drugs and surgery with little signs of success. He practiced the same form of medicine that is practiced today (allopathy). And true of most doctors, he hoped to cure the ailments of mankind. This high ideal was not realized by Hahnemann. In fact, he basically turned his back on the medical profession and sought answers elsewhere.

Whether it was divine intervention or just a strange coincidence, Hahnemann found his answer in an unlikely place. He spoke several languages fluently and translated texts on the side to supplement income. One such text was a medical case study on malaria. In it he found malaria treated with a Peruvian tree bark and the active ingredient of quinine (common medicine for malaria). Being without malaria, he tested the tree bark on himself and found that it created the same symptoms of malaria within him. This simple experiment was the birth of homeopathy. Hahnemann found the medicine that cured malaria, created the same symptoms of malaria in someone that was healthy and without malaria.

Homeopathy is based upon the idea that two LIKE diseases within the body CANNOT coexist. The dominant disease (stronger) will "cure" the less dominant one (weaker). This is where the homeopathic mantra "Like cures like" comes from. Hahnemann had rediscovered something that Hippocrates had known and civilizations some thousands of years before him had also known. The like disease created by tree bark was curing the like disease of malaria. This may not fully make sense at this point, but a full explanation lies in articles and courses within this website (see Courses/Articles section).

The point here is to introduce the idea of homeopathy. It is not some newage herbal revival, but a fully vetted system of medicine that will change the way you view disease and your own health. It is a full medical system practiced by millions of doctors around the world today. It will change the way you live your life and your expectations of what good health should mean. Again, don't take my word for this. Please take the opportunity to explore this for yourself. Read the articles, biographies, case studies... Take the courses. Try our innovative tools and discover a new level of health that you would have never thought existed. IT DOES!


It will take some effort, but is worth the time.

"If you don’t think homeopathy works, you don’t know how homeopathy works."

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